Whip! chats to Mistress Affinity

“I’d have the biggest fuckin’ latex gown I could acquire. Biggest hair. And throw in a few big cats!”

This is what we love at Whip! BIG! BIG! BIG! And definitely when it comes to latex! The big cats sound pretty cool, too!

Mistress Affinity, if you haven’t seen her before, is one of those wicked-badass gems you find when you’re wandering around Instagram in the wee hours of the morning.  As a model (and I suspect, as a Mistress, too) she has something special that I’m not sure I can easily put into words…so take a look for yourselves…

Slaves, Dommes and Sweethearts…Mistress Affinity

What was the first piece of fetish wear that you wore or owned? And how much do you own now?

I remember that at about age 14 I bought a military style PVC top with big shoulders! It was from a Glasgow shop called Hellfire. The top was the shiniest thing I’d ever seen and to this day I still have it ..and it still fits!

How did you first get involved with fetish modelling?

I’ve always been involved in some form of modelling and interested in Fet. I guess the two hobbies merged over time!

Photo by Pandemonium Photography

Like every fetishist, I love the smell and sound and feel of latex, what about you? What really excites you about it the most?

I absolutely love latex! There is nothing better for body confidence than slipping into some latex!

Which came first – fetish modelling or being a domina? And how long have you been a dominatrix?

I’ve been modelling for about 10+ years and been a domina about 5+ years. My modelling could of contributed!

Photo by Pandemonium Photography

You were on the catwalk at TG Glasgow – how fun was that? And what is fetish life like in Scotland? 

That was so fun! Sharing the catwalk with some of the most beautiful and lovely alternative models from Glasgow and Edinburgh was great! We modelled for Pandora Deluxe Latex.

I really like the shoot you did with Pictures in Blood and your photos by Synesterlatex feature some incredible gloves and boots. What kind of shoots are you looking to do in the future? Are you looking to wrap up in more rubber, or keep with the mixture of skin, ink and latex?

Both are fantastic photographers! I’m open minded to other styles of shoots. However the more latex I get, the more I need to wear it, pose and shoot in it!

Photo by Pandemonium Photography

If you had an unlimited budget for outfits and locations, what kind of shoot or event would you plan and what would you wear? 

Well… I’d have the biggest fuckin’ latex gown I could acquire. Biggest hair. And throw in a few big cats!

I have to say, I love your tattoos and I think they complement your latex and vice versa. 

Thank you! Your body should be a canvas to do whatever you like with!

Photo by Pandemonium Photography

What do you like to get up to when you’re not involved in something fetish related?

You’ll find me at the gym, drinking gin or being with cats. Not at the same time of course!

What is coming next in 2019? I see you teased some hoods on Instagram…hoods, hoods, hoods on the horizon? 🙂

Yes, I got to model some fantastic hoods made by Miss Kinky Latex!

You can see more of Mistress Affinity on Instagram, Facebook 

Photos by Pandemonium Photography 

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