I swear LFTV’s catalogue of films multiplies by about a hundred every time I turn around and take another look at what they’re doing. I really mean it. This team never stops creating. And I f******* love it!

Since it first started in 2015, LFTV has produced a plethora of glorious latex filled films featuring fashion shows at events like Sexhibition and the London Fetish Weekend, fetish clubs such as Rubber Cult and Torture Garden, and photo shoots for latex clothing brands Libidex and Yummy Gummy Latex. Recently LFTV has also been involved with independent film productions and the London Comic Con.

Run by Cole Black, the team has hundreds of films online and is quickly becoming one of the most enjoyed names in the fetish world.

One of the coolest things about LFTV is how it simultaneously provides contemporary content while also effectively (and unintentionally) documenting latex fetishism and fashion in the UK for future fetish enjoyment.

In fifty years time the world might be looking back on LFTV’s films while talking about latex in fashion. Perhaps everyone will wear latex in the future 🙂

It’s really hard to pick a selection of films to write about when there’s so much delicious content to get a little giddy over, so I’ve gone with my curiosity and my personal taste. In this case, “Ooooh, yum! a long skirt/dress…and sweet!…a mohican or shaved head…and hmmm…dark, devious looks and some enjoyable tattoos.”

So here’s Whip’s LFTV picks:

1. Yummy Gummy Latex’s Provocation at Sexhibition 2016
I love this clip – it’s like being wrapped up inside a storm of latex rumbling across a landscape. I’ve always liked the idea of a fashion show stomping over the audience…kicking people in the face with provocativeness and hardcore sex appeal. LFTV has captured that in this piece covering Yummy Gummy Latex’s Provocation at Sexhibition 2016:

It’s a badass one, don’t you think? Becky Holt slinking down the runway looking tough to start off the show, and that long dress on the third model…wow! I mean WOW! All that dress + the scent of a woman and the enticing smell of latex on such a long outfit. And the film captures that. It’s a straight up hit of ball lightning. And great work from Yummy Gummy with those outfits.



2. Dayne Henderson Sexhibition 2015 Fashion Show
I’ve never worn anything like this (yet), but f*** do I enjoy looking at these types of designs. Hoods, spikes, all kinds of fun and games. It’s gloriously f****** wicked.

It would probably be difficult to wear, but an all spiked latex catsuit would be pretty cool to see…spikes all the way head to toe and front and back and all over the hood…

And those laces on the back of the long white dress…such a great detail.

3. Bondinage – 2016 Sexhibition


Is there a need for such whooping? Perhaps, maybe not, but yes. They’re a helluva cool thing to see…they’re like an enigmatic version of a slap in the face dealt by the hand of the puritan auntie in Blackadder II…

SLAP! SLAP! “Wicked child! Torpedo tits are the work of the devil!”

Yes they are!


But what mighty fine work they are too!


4. Sebastian Gauchos fashion show – Rubber Cult
This is one of those clips you’d wished you’d seen in the flesh…All those beautiful bottoms on display! As the saying goes ‘never turn down a beautiful bottom’. I like the classiness (and subtle cheekiness) of the outfits, I think they would make Eric Stanton very happy. Oh, and of course a little slender naughtiness never goes amiss!

5. Dominion of Kink – Psycho Ward
This is another one of really personal favourites. I spend quite a bit of time writing about burlesque shows (mostly the strange, avant garde, renegade stripper kind) so I like a bit of performance. Latex + Performance = joy. And this performance by Catriona Stewart is filled with character and strength. Much like some of the burlesquers I’ve covered, there’s a story going on here amongst the latex and a sex appeal. I love the ‘front row’ factor about LFTV’s filming…feels like you’re sitting there with it happening right in front of you. You could almost be rounded up and involved in the act!

6. Le Boutique Bazaar – London Fetish Weekend 2016
FUN! The little piece where the camera follows the around the room with her drink 🙂

7. Sarah Kawaii at Rubber Cult
Ah, another one where I say ‘I love this little clip’…It’s so much fun seeing someone get wrapped up in rubber like that. I did an interview with Sarah for our sister magazine Mardi Gras. This is what she said about the whole vac-bed/vac-cube experience:

“I think I was a bit terrified of it at first but after a few drinks I was like ‘fuck it, let’s do it!’. I think I liked the vac cube better. I kept thinking my nails were going to break but it was a really rad feeling! It felt like I was floating.”

And that wiggly dance in the cube ha! Wonderful!

Cole, I think you need to get your presenters into vac-beds/cubes more often.

So there you go…spikes, hoods, cubes, catsuits, wiggles, bottoms, fashion, fetish, and of course…a huge dose of torpedo tits!

That’s LFTV for you. FUN!

And they’re energetic buggers too.

On the technical side the lighting works brilliantly – it’s not too dazzling but it perfectly captures the latex shine. The films are also shot half way between formal-informal, so that it feels professional without being too rigid, and it does make you feel like you’re there in the clubs and shows. It really makes you miss being in that environment.

All in all, there’s one thing that LFTV’s films say more than anything else: ENJOYMENT! Enjoy your life, your friends, your interests, your fetish for latex. Enjoy people for the personalities they have as well as the body they inhabit. LFTV celebrate this enjoyment and they put this out for public consumption so that we can enjoy it too.

Seeing as I found it pretty difficult to pick out the films I’ve covered (and I’m greedy), I’ve scattered a little more gold around the text – see if you can find it!



You can see even more at LFTV is also now on IMDB!






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