“It actually all felt very natural to me, so I guess I just love trampling my slaves under my beautiful feet.”

Born in the Czech Republic and currently living and working in the Netherlands, Mistress Petrana brings a certain classical European elegance to S&M.

As you can see from the photographs, Mistress Petrana has long legs, flowing hair, big heels and a tough but beautiful attitude. She’s a strong and eloquent woman with a wardrobe loaded with leather and all manner of S&M playthings.

Whip! enjoyed its conversation with Petrana, and we think you will too.  Please follow the links at the end of the page for more insight into her work.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mistress Petrana…

When did you first start life as a Mistress?

I started as a full time lifestyle Mistress in my early twenties when I moved to Prague. It was easier to live the BDSM lifestyle there than in my home town. I started to visit BDSM clubs and met a lot of new kinky friends. It was around the time of my twenty-forth birthday that I created my first trampling video store on clips4sale. But, my first BDSM experience was much earlier than that.

I think I was nineteen at the time and it also involved trampling. I had met someone who was a true masochist so I did some crazy things with him. One day I trampled him with my high heels until he bled on the carpet. This was when I still lived with my parents so I had to make him clean the carpet before they got home. Somehow this didn’t seem wrong or bad to me in any way. It actually all felt very natural to me, so I guess I just love trampling my slaves under my beautiful feet.

Around that time also began to visit fetish parties in Prague on a regular basis and started having regular clients.

Describe yourself as a Mistress:

I am a tall (1.79m or 5’9”), young, communicative Czech Mistress with very long red hair and long, natural nails. I have very beautiful size 39 EU (8.5 US, 6.5 UK) feet with long and elegant toes and a perfect arch. Even though I am tall I have very nice size feet.

I try to be fair with my slaves but I am always in command. I love the finer things in life and I can be very strict but also kind. I take my Mistress work seriously and I really enjoy it. For me, it’s my lifestyle as well as my profession.

Mistress Petrana by CarmineWorx
Mistress Petrana by CarmineWorx

What excites you the most about your Mistress life?

I love the freedom it gives me and I also love the opportunities that it gives me to live and enjoy my fetishes and indulge my passions. I love to wear nice clothes, high heels, have slaves and enjoy fetish parties. I enjoy having new experiences and the opportunity to travel. In other words I can simply be who I am and be my own Boss. Being a Mistress makes me very happy and I love the lifestyle.

What are your specialities?

Worshipping my natural long nails and long toes. I love trampling, spanking, foot worship. I love role play and I love having a slave at my feet worshipping Me.

I think you look very elegant in your leather and corsets. What outfits do you have in your wardrobe, and what play items do you have in your locker?

I like the “classic look”. Leather, fur, nice tights, high heels and nothing vulgar or cheap. I own quite the collection of corsets made from leather and other fabrics like lace and satin. Many of them are custom made. For example from To.mTo in Berlin. In the future I plan on getting some corsets from Czech fetish designers.

I am a very demanding woman and I like originality and unique clothes. I also have a lot of leather clothes, several fur collars and a few fur jackets. I own many pairs of leather leggings and trousers and I also love collecting satin outfits, leather and elegant clothes. I also own many pairs of high heel boots and shoes. I love boots and shoes and it helps that I own a personal slave to polish them and keep them looking perfect.

I have many spanking toys, floggers, whips, dragon tails, pads, canes, and many other toys. Many of them are also from Czech designers. I have some great toys for nipple torture, something that I really love to do to my slaves and many other fetish and torture toys. Yes, it is quite a long list and I keep adding new things all the time.

Mistress Petrana by CarmineWorx
Mistress Petrana by CarmineWorx

How does it feel to put on your leather and boots/heels and prepare for a play session? Are you happy to talk us through your preparation?

Wearing my leather helps me to get more easily into Domme space and Domme mood. I have loved corsets since my teen years and I also love leather. It makes me feel like a real Goddess and with high heels on I am quite tall – almost 2 metres (6’6”). It always depends on what kind of session it is. If it is role play or a different kind of session. I also love to look like a Femme Fatale from vintage times. Then I wear fur, nice corsets and a tight skirt.

When I go with my slave to restaurants I always wear something elegant and chic. But frankly, clothes are not so important to me. Much more important to me is how I behave and how I relate to my slaves. Being a Mistress and behaving as one is what gives me my dominant aura. The clothes are nice but true Domination has to come from within.

I was reading on your site that you are a fan of opera and Sardax art. What interests do you incorporate into your Mistress life?

When I was a small girl I used to do ballet and I have loved classical music since my childhood. Then when I was older I loved everything Victorian and 19th century and naturally I found my way to the opera. I am also a Czech Woman so I love Czech classical music and I like to go to the opera house with my slave. I love to be there as a Lady accompanied by my gentleman slave. I love these soft public games.

Sardax’s work is very interesting to me. I like the way he blends Femdom art with fairy tales and Femdom stories in his drawings. I hope one day I will have my own drawing made by him. Besides that, I love culture and art. I enjoy visiting galleries and the theatre. I love travelling and enjoy architecture, which is why I love Prague so much. Prague is a beautiful city with a mystical aura and a magical power. But I believe that every city has it’s own magic and I love exploring and discovering them.

How does it feel to have a slave at your fingertips? And which aspects do you enjoy the most?

I love challenges and I prefer dominant slaves in my personal life instead of total losers who just bother me and offer me no benefit at all. I always find it fascinating how I can take a proud, dominant, strong and accomplished man and make him into my obedient slave who will be totally devoted to me.

When I get under the skin of my slave I can bring him to his knees and make him into my personal and devoted slave. I very much enjoy the psychological aspects of BDSM. Also, I keep my personal slave in 24/7 chastity, which reminds him all the time of who is the Boss and also keeps him sexually frustrated. I love making him suffer that way and keeping him under my full control so I can easily play with him and control him in every way I want. He is my absolute property and he exists only to obey Me, serve Me, and make Me happy.

Would you say that your elegance, including your hair, the clothes and shoes, are a big part of your dominance? By that I mean, for someone to crave something so beautiful, so arousing in touch and scent, that they become so uncontrollable that they have to be controlled. The more elegant you are, the more dominant you are?

That is a really interesting question. I have had a strong fetish for elegance since my puberty; despite the fact that there were also years of being an underground Goth wearing rebel clothes. I try to be myself but I don’t think that my clothes change anything about my dominance. But I do get more respect and authority from that.

I know that many slaves or men prefer a more naughty Mistress and love the clothes. They can worship my beauty and I can share with them my passion for the finer things. Many of my slaves also like to suffer and make sacrifices for Me. Being a true Goddess I love to see my slaves devote themselves to me fully and the clothes make me feel like a Goddess even more.

When I wear my furs, I feel like a Russian Tsarina, an autocratic female ruler. The high heel leather boots also make me feel more powerful as I tower over my slaves and trample them under my heels.

Mistress Petrana by CarmineWorx
Mistress Petrana by CarmineWorx

How does your private play differ to play in a club?

It depends on with whom I am playing. Playing in a club is more about being an exhibitionist and enjoying the atmosphere and being seen. But in private it is something totally different.

With my personal slaves we know each other very well and they are my closest servants. They obey me fully and do my tasks like preparing me food, cleaning my house, preparing my bath, and doing my housework. They hand wash my panties, scrub my floors, do my housework, and do everything I order them to do.

When I am lying on a sofa and reading a book, my slave brings me a nice cup of tea and kneels at my feet. During the night he is allowed to sleep on the floor at the foot of my bed like a good little dog. I love both kinky play at clubs as well as my more private Domination. It’s all part of who I am as both a Pro and a Lifestyle Mistress.

What are your future Mistress plans?

Besides my regular work as a Pro Domme in The Netherlands, I will also start working as a Pro Domme in Belgium. For starters I’ll be available for sessions at the wonderful dungeons of Mistress-Belgium.be once a month.

I would also like to set up my own dungeon and find some genuine slaves with whom I can build meaningful and fulfilling D/s relationships. I am also working on several photo and video projects.

Lastly I’d like to spend more time travelling and visiting parties. I’m looking forward to going to Club Pedestal again and to also visit the Femdom Ball for the first time, both in London.

Keep an eye on my website and Twitter for the latest updates: mistress-petrana.com and twitter.com/PetranaScarlett

Mistress Petrana by CarmineWorx
Mistress Petrana by CarmineWorx

Images kindly provided by CarmineWorx.nl 


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