Whip chats to Latex FashionTV

LatexFashionTV is an online video channel dedicated to latex fashion (in all its wonderful shapes and forms). Run by Cole Black (not pictured above), the channel covers modelling events, photoshoots, fashion shows and fetish clubs from around the UK and Europe. Sexhibition, Rubbercult, Torture Garden and London Fetish Weekend are just a few examples of LFTV’s fetish habitats.

One of the many awesome things about LFTV is that’s currently free to view online. Just think, all that lovely latex at the quick flick of a finger. Quite exciting! Very fantastic! It really is just a great endeavour.

I interviewed Cole for Mardi Gras magazine wayyy the heck back in August 2015, just before the launch of LFTV.  But what has Cole (and LFTV) been up to since? And what latex loving magic tricks does he have up his sleeve for 2017?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Cole Black

What have you been up to since we spoke in 2015? 
LatexFashionTV published its 200th film which is pretty cool. We’ve shot more latex cosplay this year, the usual rubbery events and been invited onto the set of sci-fi movies that use latex costumes.

What response have you had since LFTV’s launch?
The response has been great. Our films have just passed 900,000 views online and it’s always great when fans take the time to like, tweet or message us. We post at least one update every day across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc – whether it’s an image from a film or a sneak peek at what I’m working on at that time. We’re on most of the social networks apart from Snapchat. It’s my Kryptonite – I Just don’t understand it!

We’ve had work shown on television to promote latex too, which is pretty awesome. But mostly it’s been great hearing from models, designers and folk in the scene who like what we do.


How have your films evolved in the past year? 
Great question. I think we’ve gotten more confident as we’ve gone along. Earlier this year we were shooting latex on a section of beach in Spain with 3 cameras and a team of 10 people. I don’t think we’d have attempted that before. We have more latex-clad presenters now too. That’s always fun.

We’re now lucky enough to cover some of the biggest fetish events in the world. In some cases our films are online within 24hrs – that’s often before people get home from an event. That’s pretty ambitious, but it’s great to see the response online the next day.

I spoke with you before you’d first covered Sexhibition. How did that event (and others) go?
Sexhibition was incredible. Meeting Bianca Beauchamp and Masuimi Max was amazing. Models coming over to say hi and be on camera was great. That’s one of the events where we edited through the night, so the Friday highlight film was online before the event opened on Saturday. We also Sponsored the first ‘Sexhibition Awards’ this year as well as the individual award of ‘Latex Designer of the Year’. Seeing the LFTV name everywhere made me warm and fuzzy. Dashing around London on a tour bus as part of London Fetish Weekend was fun too.


What are your highlights from the past year? 
Sexhibition. Latex on the beach. A Ghostbusters latex shoot. Friends I’ve made along the way.

What have you got coming up next?
Soooo much stuff! We’re heading to Spain in January for the last week shooting on a special we’re making. We’re excited to be a media partner with Sexhibition again. Some things I can’t talk about yet. But whatever is next, you can bet it will be shiny!

LFTV 2016


Photos by LFTV

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