Fet-Couch #1: First Time in Latex


STARRING: Kira Krueger (UK), Sadie Scissors (Finland), Arathin (Sweden), Hayden (UK) (Whip magazine)

Kira, Sadie, and Arathin, were all previously interviewed for Mardi Gras magazine – Whip magazine’s buxom older sister. You can read their interviews by following the links at the foot of the page.

As a little thank you for being great sports during their interviews, I thought I’d bother the ladies some more by asking them a few questions about their first experiences with latex. To be equally sporting, I’ve included my own thoughts as well. Thanks ladies!

What was the first item of latex you wore?

Kira: A black latex thong that my best mate bought me for my birthday. She was the cool friend in school that always knew what gigs were on. She’d already given me lots of PVC and net clothing in the past but she knew I was obsessed with Latex but was too skint to buy the latex I had seen from House of Harlot and Absolute Danny.

Arathin: The first latex item I wore were a pair of latex gloves. I thought it was better to start off small to be sure I wouldn’t spend a fortune on something I in the end wouldn’t like. The gloves were from one of these horrible cheap low-to-no-quality brands that I found in one of my local fetish shops. And to make matters worse they were one size too big. Back then I had very little knowledge of how you measured to find the right fit and which brands were to be avoided so it was a quick, but luckily not very expensive lesson. The gloves I sold shortly afterwards only to buy a dress from Blackstyle instead, so in the end I think I came out on the winning end anyway. Considering the fact that my collection continues to grow every year (I have 20+ items now, not counting accessories, and keep a detailed list of every single thing) I’m pretty sure you can call me a living proof that you can’t let one bad experience deter you from moving ahead 🙂

Arathin by KatieKat

Sadie: I bought a pink bikini with a fuchsia trim from a sample sale on etsy, that was my first encounter with latex.

Hayden: Hmmm, cat among the pigeons moment, but it was a short skirt from a sex shop picked up while buying some PVC trousers. That was one of those twenty-something phases where women’s clothing becomes interesting to men haha!. Since the first item put the cat out there, I’ll include a second item! The second item was a waistcoat from Libidex, which I quite often wear to burlesque shows. Always gets saucy compliments and requests for photos hehe!

Kira by James Alexander

What was your first experience like?

Kira: It’s such a long time ago, but I do remember my first experience in a full latex outfit. It was so exciting, it was for my very first professional shoot in 2005 with Alamode Photography. He had a huge chest full of Cathouse Clothing so I got to model lots of that. I modelled key hole tops, skirts, dresses, cuffs and collars. I wanted to keep it all, it felt so good on. I kept it on while I went outside for a cigarette and that was when I discovered how much it was like a second skin. You feel the comfort of being enclosed but you do really feel the breeze! I’d only been used to PVC before, so it was a completely new sensation.

Arathin: My first experience was a mixture of annoyance, frustration and excitement over the material itself. I quickly learned the difficulties of handling molded latex and how it plainly refused to fit over my small hands and slender wrists. It’s a problem I’ve always had when it comes to gloves, wrist watches and bracelets, but let me tell you this, it’s even more frustrating when it’s a material that’s meant to be tight fitting. I really loved the feel of it though and how stretchy it actually was and I think that was one of the reasons why I didn’t give up on it but kept on pursuing this new love.

Sadie: I thought it might feel uncomfortable, but it wasn’t at all. I really liked the feel of the material.

Sadie by Petri Mast

Hayden: Hilarious, ridiculous, silly, odd, bizarre. Sex shop latex is awful – never buy it – always go for specialist latex clothing maker, whether they are a brand name or a smaller, bespoke maker. Quality latex IS expensive, but it is worth it. Libidex usually has sales throughout the year via their Latex Express range.

Second experience: easy, funny, love at first wobble-wobble-wobble. As a friend of mine said ‘ Ah jelly! Love it!”. I love leather trousers, but latex is great fun to wear and play around with. I have quite a bundle of latex now! I enjoy looking at heavy rubber, and would enjoy it more in the bedroom, but for a club or event, less is more for me. Waistcoat partially undone and a pair of trousers. I’m a wannabe faded gigolo haha!

Hayden – Self Portrait in Libidex latex

Sum up your first experience in just one word:

Kira: Exhilarating!

Arathin: My first experience in one word: Curionnoyed (If it’s not a real word then I just invented it. How else can you describe that feeling of being curious and annoyed at the same time?)

Sadie: Positive!

Hayden: Lol (skirt) Awesome (waistcoat)


Look out for more Fet-Couch in 2018. If you’ve read this and you’d like to take part then get in touch via social media, our contact page, or by emailing whipmag1[a]gmail.com.

Mardi Gras magazine interviews with Arathin, Kira, Sadie

Photo & outfit credits:

Outfit: Cathouse Clothing
Photo: James Alexander
Make up: Kira

Photo: Petri Mast

Photo: Katiekat
Latex: Lady Lucie Latex
Gloves: All you need is Gloves
Choker: Midnight Nymphs
Earrings: Catherinette Rings
Hair sticks: HairJems

Photo: Self portrait
Clothing: Hood & Waistcoat by Libidex

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